A Partial Slug Tales Archive


Although Slug Tales began in 1980, by the mid-80's it had migrated partly online in the form of text files posted on a couple of Seattle-area BBS (bulletin board systems.)  The original format -- cut-and-paste Press-Type (remember Press Type?)  headlines added to body text typed on an electric typewriter -- was clumsy enough to push anyone to word processing / desktop publishing.  And it didn't take that much pushing for me, just time to assemble the budget for my first computer.

The only Slug Tales from the cut-and-paste period represented here till now has been the "Lawnchairs of the Gods" issue.  Scanning and perhaps putting into Acrobat format the 100 or so pages of cut-and-paste issues is a project I hope to do this year. 

For now, here are some of the issues as originally posted on BBS systems, in glorious ASCII!

July 1983 - "Lawnchairs of the Gods" plus a bunch of other stuff, too!

lounge chair picture

May 1986 - FDA Approves Food Irradiation; Soviet Union tests the process at Chernobyl

February 1989 - Eliminating Toxic Chemicals from Your Diet

May 1990 - Slug Tales PREDICTS the 1990's  - No one else lets you look back at their predictions, primarily because pundits and psychics are all hung up on this thing about their predictions being accurate.  That was never a problem with Slug Tales, and besides that the predictions were a lot more entertaining.  Who else predicted the end of a 1996 Dan Quayle run for President in 1996 would be a commercial with the first Candidate Rap -- AND predicted the content of  the rap he'd use in his campaign commercials!