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Welcome Twitterites!

@SlugTalesNews is the Twitter account set up to bring you Slug Tales, the humor and political satire writing that you've largely tolerated and ignored since 1979.  Much of that archive of writing is on this site, as it has been for more than a decade.

NOTE:  The @Slugtales twitter handle sadly is already in use by a local newspaper columnist in the greater Washington, DC area writing about the urban lore of carpooling commuters.  If you're looking for THAT Slug Tales, we wish you well and you have my sympathies. 

Changes Ahead...

Slug Tales 2.0 is coming.  Having mixed personal and professional writing and identities for years, Slugtales is returning as the place for the humor and personal opinion digital scribbles. 

This change will occur gradually, as I will be moving the slugtales site off its current mostly inept 2003 vintage ancient design and software and migrating it a more modern -- but just as ineptly administered! -- software platform.  This will also allow for additional features, as well as a display of the twitter feed. 

Surprisingly, this effort will take time.  The driving force, as always at Slug Tales, will be Mr. Roger L. Amherst III, the man behind much of what Slug Tales has been -- and will be.

Mr. Roger L. Amherst is, and always has been, a master of the technical arts, but for the last two years his primary technical pursuits have been mastering the Cut the Rope oeuvre and watching a DVD of "Colossus: The Forbin Project" with dread and foreboding of a planned remake starring Will Smith, being planned by Ron Howard.  Credit the news that this script will be reworked by a writer from "Men in Black" with Mr. Amherst's desire to remove himself from his virtual worlds and once again directly address the insanity of our times.

Watch the twitter feed for nuggets and news while is renovated,  Thanks for your interest through the years.












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