Our Trip to Ukraine

June - July 1996

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In June and July of 1996 our family made a trip to Ukraine, visiting Lviv, Kyyiv, and Odesa. Here are a few of our photographs. During our trip, we travelled with my wife's parents, Omelan and Maria Hrab, and visited many members of our family in Ukraine. We were also fortunate to be in Ukraine at the time the Constitution was adopted.

Obligatory Educational Content:

Link to the latest news about Ukraine from the Washington Post or link to the best general interest resource Oleh Baran's Ukraine homepage.

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Lviv & Surrounding Village Scenes

Seal of the City of Lviv

Omelan Hrab at a memorial in his home village of Zashiv.
Various family next to bus rented from a collective farm for our visit to the village.
Here is a picture of Maria with cousins Michosh and Irena.
A picture of Maria, Steve, Maria Hrab in their room at the Grand Hotel in Lviv.
The spectacular Opera House in Lviv.
The folklore museum in Lviv.
The village of Zashiv has a beautiful small church, here are exterior and interior views, and a photo of the bell tower at the church.
Ukrainian fast food? Stopping to snack on currants as we walk through Zashiv.
A stunning wood church at Shevchenkivskiy Hi, a preserve of many historical buildings in Lviv. It was constructed entirely without nails.
The cultures meet! Maria and her cousins share macaroni and cheese -- and perohy -- in Lviv.


Kyyiv, Kaniv, & Odesa

St. Andrew's Church
St. Sophia, exterior view
St. Sophia, a beautiful photo inside the church
A doorway at St. Sophia.
One of hundreds of frescos at St. Sophia
Portion of iconstasis at St. Sophia
The bell tower at St. Sophia
Maria and friend at the Kyyiv Train Station, heading out for an overnight trip to Odesa.
Steve, at the statue of Kay, Schek, Khoriv, & Lebid' at the Dniepro River.
Visiting the grave of Taras Shevchenko at Kaniv. Maria, placing flowers at the grave.
Building at Turkish fort on the Black Sea an hour from Odessa. The left tower was used as a prison, (a particularly unpleasant thought on the 98 degrees F day we visited.)

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